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An easy, step-by-step course that will help you create engaging videos with your smart phone.

Learn how to Film, Edit and Share your own professional quality videos to help you grow your audience...and your business!



You can make professional quality videos with your smart phone and a few affordable accessories. We will show you how in an easy, step-by-step way.

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently film, edit and share professional quality videos about your business to your social media.

In this four-hour training, you will learn...

Bonus: Learn about the affordable accessory kit that will take your videos to the next level.

Social Media

It's no secret that videos are the highest performing posts on social media today.

People love seeing videos about their favourite people and businesses.

Video helps your customers - and potential customers - get to know you before they even walk in your door.

Professional quality video is easier than ever before to create but there are some pitfalls that we will help you avoid to keep your viewers engaged in your videos.

Video helps you grow your business.
(This video was shot entirely on an iPhone)

The Smart Phone Video Boot Camp is a MUST ATTEND if...

You want to create professional videos to promote your business on social media.

You want a simple process to create video using your smart phone.

You want to engage and grow your audience.

You want to save time and money by creating your own video content.


Welcome to our video training!

We are Aaron & Angela Bell, owners of Lot48 Film Co.

We are passionate about helping small business owners grow their businesses with video. We love making small business videos so much that we have spent the past five years helping dozens of local businesses create amazing videos that have reached literally millions of people. We have discovered the secrets to connecting with people using video.

We want to see you become super successful with your business and we know that there is no better way to reach new and existing customers than sharing high quality, informative videos on social media.

The most common question that we get from small business owners (especially the cost-conscious ones!) is how can they create their own videos using their smart phones?

We have put together this training program to do just that.

We hope you join us!

Aaron & Angela

If you are having trouble with the sign up link, please contact Aaron Bell.

Refund policy: please note that because space is very limited for these workshops, we do not offer refunds or exchanges if you are not able to attend. You are welcome to transfer your registration to someone else.

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